The Peaceful Sea

by Elliot Vaughan

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Songs with Portuguese guitar accompaniment.

The Peaceful Sea is a play written by Angela Ferreira. Sourced from extant nautical journals, it follows the three year nautical adventure of Ferdinand Magellan, whose first circumnavigation of the globe changed the scope of cultural exchange, navigation, and globalization.

Theatre Elsewhere, 2014-15.


released May 19, 2015

Music Elliot Vaughan
Words Angela Ferreira



all rights reserved


Elliot Vaughan Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Hunters of time
Time begins
and ends
with a breath.

a breath of fresh air - a breeze- a bronchial jolt.
and all for what? for-that-next-breath-that-might-take-you-to-the-place-
you-always-wanted to be; that person you always wanted to be.

Breath by breath we become hunters of time.
We begin our search, waiting for the moment
when time will stand still for all to see.

Time begins
and ends
with a breath.
Track Name: I left her I did
I left her, I did
That Beatriz and my kid
Went a sailinround the world
Find a better life fer me an dmy girl

I left her, I did
That Beatriz and my kid
Crosses and cloves were my glory
Glory that turned out to be my sad story

I left her, I did
For crosses and cloves
And fame and fortune
For adventure and power
Never went back
Track Name: 5ships
Magellan had 5 ships, to start
there were 5 ships
5 ships became 4 ships
became 3 ships
became 2 ships
and then 1 ship

5 (fiiiiiive) ships
there were 5 (fiiiiiiive) ships
Santiago5 (fiiiiiive)
San Antonio 4 (fouuuur)
Concepción 3 (threeee)
Trinidad 2 (twooooo)
Victoria 1 (oonnee)

1 ship, oonnnee ship
all that was left was ooonnee ship

It started with Trinidad captained by Ferdinand Magellan
San Antonio captained by Juan de Cartagena
La Concepción Gaspar de Quesada
Santiago Juan Rodríguez Serrano
Victoria Luis de Mendoza

those 5 ships became 1
3 YEARS it took 3 YEARS
Track Name: She, unlike he
She, unlike he

She sits
He spits
She knits
He hits

For what for what

She, unlike he

She bears the weight of the world, heartache, for him
He ventures abroad, the new world
The thrill, for him

For what for what

She, unlike he

She minces
He pinches for flinches
Not true not true
She cries she cries
and cries some more for him
for him, those tears arefer him
Track Name: The ocean, the ocean
The ocean, the ocean
So mild and calm
So big, so big
So mild and calm

But this ocean was different
Magalhães/Magellan was astonished
by its quality
calling it pacifico

Pacifico is Portuguese for peaceful
so peaceful
So mild and calm

The Peaceful Sea
Known as the
Pacific Ocean
So big, so big
Oceano pacifico
So mild and calm